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Options class

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The Options class handles options and arguments.

Public functions

appendOptions — Add additional input parameters to the current argument list.
argc — Returns the input parameter argument count.
argv — Return the original list of input arguments.
define — Define an option.
getArg — Return an argument string after options have been filtered out.
getArgCount — Return the number of arguments.
getArgList — Return a list of the arguments.
getBoolean — Returns true if the option was set on the command-line.
getChar — Return the first character of an option value, or null character.
getCommand — Return the command name.
getCommandLine — Returns a concatenation of all original options and arguments.
getDouble — Return option value as a double float.
getFlag — Returns the option character marker.
getFloat — Return the option value as a float.
getInt — Return the option value as an integer.
getRegIndex — Return index number of specified option in registry.
getString — Return the option value as a string.
isDefined — Return true if option is defined.
optionQ — Returns true if the string is an option.
optionsArg — Return true if --options is present.
printOptionBooleanState — Print list of options an whether or not they are set.
printOptionList — Print a list of the defined options.
printRegister — Print option register.
process — Parse the command-line string to identify options and arguments.


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