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Classes in the midifile library

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The Midifile library contains six classes:

MidiFile Primary class, responsible for reading and writing MIDI files.
MidiEventList Responsible for managing MidiEvent lists for tracks within the MidiFile class.
MidiEvent MidiMessage plus a timestamp and other bookkeeping variables.
MidiMessage Raw MIDI protocol message. Inherited by the MidiEvent class.
Binasc MidiFile Support class for reading/writing ASCII byte codes representing MIDI files.
Options Independent helper class for processing command-line options.


MidiFile:: Main interface for reading/writing Standard MIDI Files

    MidiEventList:: MidiFile track storage for MidiEvent lists

      MidiEvent:: (also inherits from MidiMessage) MidiMessage + timestamp

        MidiMessage:: (also inherits from vector<uchar>)

          Options:: Auxiliary class for command-line option parsing

          Binasc:: Helper class for ASCII MIDI file parsing